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A tool for bioscience engineering students at Ghent University to order coursenotes, relevant books and more.

Getting started

Creating an account

An account is needed to place an order. Create an account by pressing the button below. We won't share your account details with third parties. Once you are registered and logged in you can access the order pages.

How to order a product

After creating an account, go to “place an order” and select all the courses you need. Don't forget to include a membership. This gives a reduction on the price, more information can be found under “become a member”. Once you made sure you picked all the right courses, confirm your order. Note that you need to make an account first. This way you know when your order is ready for pickup

Checking the order status

You can follow the status of your order under “My orders”. When you pay your order at the course service, this will appear. Once your order status has become “ready” you can come and pick up your order (after payment) at the course service (Campus Coupure Basement Blok E *unless COVID decides otherwise*). It is possible that not all your courses will be ready at once, but feel free to come pick up those that already are! For more information take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us cursus@boerekot.be.



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About this site

This a tool by VLK Gent, the students association of the bio-engineering students at Ghent University.Through our coursenotes service we aim to bring cheap and affordable studymaterial to all students. Learn more about us at Boerekot.be.

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