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!!! LAST WEEK !!!

Next week is the last week the course service will be open. Friday we are closed due to public holiday. So Thursday 10/11 (11.30am-1pm) is the last chance to pick up courses and textbooks. Important here is:

  • All orders (paid or unpaid) that are on 'ready' can still be (paid and) picked up.
  • Paid orders still on 'not ready' will be delivered at the beginning of the week.
  • Unpaid orders that are on 'not ready' can no longer be collected. Last week was the last chance for this. 
by Viktor Bultereys on 06 November, 2022
Last chance to pay your order + opening hours week 6

Upcoming week is the last chance to come and pay for courses still on 'not ready'. If not paid by Friday 4 November at 2pm, your order will be removed. 

On Tuesday 01/11 and Wednesday 02/11 we will be closed. 

by Viktor Bultereys on 30 October, 2022